Diagnostic Audiology Pocket Guide Evaluation of Hearing, Tinnitus, and Middle Ear Function

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Diagnostic Audiology Pocket Guide: Evaluation of Hearing, Tinnitus, and Middle Ear Function is intended as a quick reference for audiology students, new clinicians, and any experienced audiologists who want easy access to diagnostic information for rapid review.

The first part of this guide covers the routine and special tests audiologists must conduct and interpret in their practices. Next, disorders such as nonorganic hearing loss, middle and inner ear disorders, and systemic disorders are covered with a separate chapter set aside for audiogram examples. The final chapter is devoted to medical referral decision-making criteria.

The audiologist who has this handy guide in his or her pocket will have a valuable and quick reference for everyday audiologic diagnosis and referral.

Key Features:

  • Concise and approachable outline format for quick reference
  • Small size for ease of portability
  • Over 75 figures and tables to enhance the content
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Autor James Steiger, Erin L. Miller
Data de publicação03/2018
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