Abdominal-Pelvic MRI 4th Edition

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This fourth edition of Abdominal-Pelvic MRI provides the reader with a significant update on earlier works. Modern diagnostic MRI relies on the practitioner's ability to distinguish between diseases through pattern recognition and experience, and this landmark reference provides the most complete coverage of magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen and pelvis, with particular emphasis on illustrating benign, malignant and inflammatory lesions
An established best-seller in this field updated with multiple brand new case figures supplying the reader with high quality examples of diagnoses and anatomy
Includes discussion of new sequences, such as diffusion-weighted imaging and a new chapter on MR/PET
Describes techniques and tips for controlling motion, including radial acquisition and shorter breath hold acquisition using techniques of multigradient parallel imaging in order to achieve high quality images
Offers practice advice and recommendations for contrast agents taking into account patient safety, efficacy, and cost
Accompanying digital edition offers rapid search and easy figure download
About the Author
Richard Semelka, MD, is Director of Magnetic Resonance Services, Professor, and Vice Chairman of Radiology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Medical School. He received his medical degree and residency training in radiology in his native Canada at the University of Manitoba, and completed a clinical research fellowship in MRI of the body at the University of California at San Francisco. Dr. Semelka has authored over 300 peer-reviewed articles, 12 textbooks including the Wiley Abdominal-Pelvic MRI and Current Clinical Imaging series and is an internationally acclaimed authority in the field.

Michele A Brown, MD is a Professor of Clinical Radiology at the University of California San Diego Health System. She is trained in all modalities of abdominal and pelvic imaging, including ultrasound, flouroscopy, CT, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and has special interest in MRI of the female pelvis. Her main current research activities involve MRI of the fetus and placenta, gynecologic malignancies, and benign conditions of the uterus, cervix, and ovaries. She is particularly experienced in the utilization of MRI for the diagnosis of placenta accreta and causes of maternal abdominal pain during pregnancy. Dr. Brown lectures internationally and is an active member of several professional societies, including the Society of Urological Radiology and the Radiological Society of North America.

Ersan Altun, MD, is an Associate Professor of Radiology. He

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Data de publicação01/2016

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