Leukaemia Diagnosis, 5th Edition

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From the bestselling author, Barbara J. Bain, the new edition of this practical reference on the principles of leukaemia diagnosis and classification has been fully updated, and incorporates the recently revised WHO classification.

Leukaemias are a very heterogeneous group of diseases, which differ from each other in aetiology, pathogenesis, prognosis and responsiveness to treatment. Accurate diagnosis and classification are vital for the identification of specific biological entities and underpin scientific advances in this field. The detailed characterization of haematological neoplasms is also essential for the optimal management of individual patients.

In this user-friendly guide, Professor Bain illustrates and explains how these many laboratory techniques are used for the diagnosis and classification of leukaemia and related disorders. Leukaemia Diagnosis, Fifth Edition will be highly valuable to trainee haematologists and laboratory scientists in haematology and related disciplines, and will also prove a useful reference source and teaching aid for those who already have expertise in this field. In addition, cytogeneticists and molecular geneticists will find that this book enhances their understanding of the relationship of their disciplines to the diagnosis, classification and monitoring of leukaemia and related disorders.

Essential reading for every haematologist and haematopathologist, Leukaemia Diagnosis, Fifth Edition features

  • Over 300 high quality full colour digital images of abnormal cells in leukaemia and lymphoma supplemented by histological, cytogenetic and immunophenotyping images
  • Recent information on cytogenetic and molecular genetic abnormalities in leukaemia
  • Updated information on the characteristic immunophenotypic characteristics of different categories of leukaemia

Author Information

Barbara J. Bain, MB BS, FRACP, FRCPath, Professor of Diagnostic Haematology, St Mary's Hospital Campus, Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine, and Honorary Consultant Haematologist, St Mary's Hospital, London, UK

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AutorBarbara J. Bain
EditoraWiley Blackwell
Data de publicação2017

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