Audiology Science to Practice 3th edition

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Audiology: Science to Practice, Third Edition is a comprehensive and challenging textbook for undergraduate students in audiology and hearing science, for graduate students beginning an AuD program, especially those who may not have a background in the subject, and for other health care professionals who would benefit by a better understanding of hearing science and audiology practices. This textbook is written in a style that tries to make new or difficult concepts relatively easy to understand. The approach is to keep it readable and to punctuate the text with useful figures and tables.

This textbook seeks to provide a solid foundation in hearing science and clinical audiology, and is an excellent resource for those preparing for the Audiology Praxis Exam. It also serves as a companion to the Audiology Workbook, Third Edition, by Dr. Steven Kramer and Dr. Larry Small. From science to practice, this textbook covers anatomy and physiology of the auditory and vestibular systems, acoustic properties and perception of sounds, audiometry and speech measures, audiogram interpretations, masking, outer and middle ear assessments, otoacoustic emissions and auditory brainstem responses, hearing screening, hearing aids, cochlear and other implantable devices, and auditory disorders supported with expected audiologic data. The reader is also introduced to the profession of audiology and what it means to work as an audiologist. Where appropriate, variations in procedures for pediatrics are presented.

The third edition of Audiology: Science to Practice has been extensively revised from the previous edition. The authors systematically reviewed each of the chapters from the previous edition to expand, update, and reorganize the material to make it even more useful to the student new to audiology, and at the same time continues to be more comprehensive than one might find in other introductory texts on audiology. The authors retained the features that worked well in previous editions, including an easy to read format, key learning objectives, and synopses within each chapter with bulleted highlights for review. Chapters are now organized in a more traditional sequence beginning with information about the profession of audiology, followed by acoustics, anatomy/physiology, and an expanded coverage of clinical audiology. References and figures have been updated, including photos of new hearing instruments and amplification devices.

The book now had a more beautiful 2-color layout.

This edition has four new chapters:

  • Chapter 10. Outer and Middle Ear Assessment
  • Chapter 11. Evoked Physiologic Responses
  • Chapter 15. Implantable Devices
  • Chapter 16. Vestibular System.

Another substantive change includes a revision to Chapter 14 on Hearing Aids to make it more appropriate for the undergraduate student or others who want an overview of this important part of audiology.

PluralPlus companion website is also new and includes:

  • PowerPoint lecture slides and selected figures for instructors
  • Selected resource links for students
  • An additional chapter written by James Jerger on the history of audiology
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