Implantable Hearing Devices

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Implantable Hearing Devices is written for ear, nose, and throat surgeons in training who must know about implantable hearing devices as they advance in otologic surgery. It is also a resource for otologic surgeons desiring to know more about the devices available.

The technology is evolving rapidly along with the criteria for candidacy, and this text covers the entire spectrum of implantable hearing devices that are available, including but not limited to cochlear implants. Complex issues are presented in an easy to understand format by a host of internationally well-respected authors.

Many practitioners have to refer to multiple resources for answers to their questions because the discipline is changing so rapidly. Implantable Hearing Devices is a clear, concise, but comprehensive book that offers answers to the universal problems that otologic surgeons face.

Key Features:

  • 4 Bonus Chapters with photos and videos on a companion website
  • Full-color
  • Written by renowned editors and contributors


  • Gauri Mankekar, MD, PhD and Moises Arriaga, MD, MBA, FACS, Otology & Neurotology, Volume 38, Issue 10 (December 2017):
    ""Implantable Hearing Devices is a comprehensive treatise on cochlear implants, auditory brain stem implants, and other middle ear implants from their humble beginnings to the sophisticated avatars available today. The preface offers a glimpse of the enormity of the project undertaken by the editors and touches on the financial aspect of implantation. A veritable Who's Who from the field of Neurotology has authored the various chapters sharing their experiences. . . . The highlights of the book are the chapters on hearing preservation and electroacoustic hearing, revision cochlear implant surgery, cochlear implants in single sided deafness and auditory brain stem implants which include comprehensive and updated information on the topics.""

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Autor Chris de Souza, Peter Roland, Debara L. Tucci
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