Professional Communication in Speech-Language Pathology 3th Edition

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This textbook introduces student clinicians to the various types of written and verbal communication they will encounter across three different clinical settings: university clinics, medical settings, and public schools. The text is written in a student-friendly manner, with appendices that provide examples of correspondence, diagnostic and treatment reports, data sheets, and important acronyms in medical and school settings. Chapters cover verbal interactions with families, allied professionals, and supervisors, as well as written communication across the university, medical, and school settings. Also included are scenarios written in the form of vignettes that address issues of ethics, interviewing, and procedures for managing protected health information. The third edition also includes expanded coverage of: • Writing measurable short-term goals • Electronic medical records • Generational differences • Professional writing • Professional written correspondence • Updated documentation requirements

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AutorA. Embry Burrus and Laura B. Willis
Data de publicação2017

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