Netter'S Atlas Of Anatomy For Speech, Swallowing, And Hearing

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Both an outstanding text for undergraduate and graduate courses in speech, language, swallowing and hearing (SLSH), as well as an excellent resource for those in clinical practice, Netter's Atlas of Anatomy for Speech, Swallowing, and Hearing, 4th Edition, is a brilliantly illustrated volume covering the complex functional anatomy relevant to SLSH. World-renowned Netter anatomy illustrations and others are accompanied by concise text and tables, providing a unique "read it, see it" approach that helps you easily connect anatomy and physiology concepts to detailed illustrations. This full-color, SLSH-specific atlas contains a basic introduction of human anatomical principles; coverage of the respiratory, laryngeal-phonatory, oropharyngeal-articulatory, and auditory-vestibular systems, as well as neuroanatomy; and updated content throughout-all designed to give you a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology, which is essential for your learning of how to diagnose and treat SLSH disorders.

  • Features Dr. Frank Netter's unique medical illustrations and straightforward descriptions that clearly present the anatomy and physiology of speech, language, swallowing and hearing.
  • Incorporates newly created figures to help you understand some key anatomical concepts and to orient you to the anatomical structures typically visualized in speech and swallowing instrumental examinations.
  • Contains more integrated physiology throughout, plus expanded coverage of the anatomy of the oropharyngeal-articulatory system (and of the procedures that make it possible to visualize the structures of this system), key information on the anatomy of the vestibular system, and the addition of fundamental neuroanatomical concepts for speech production and swallowing.
  • Includes system musculature summary tables for each section that present vital information in a quick, easy, and consistent format for study and reference.
  • Enhanced eBook includes self-test questions, and exercises to enhance your understanding of SLSH anatomy and physiology.

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