Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Forensic Sciences

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Foundational text for teaching and learning within the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it applies to forensic science

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Forensic Sciences presents an overview of the state-of-the-art applications of Artificial Intelligence within Forensic Science, covering issues with validation and new crimes that use AI; issues with triage, preselection, identification, argumentation and explain ability; demonstrating uses of AI in forensic science; and providing discussions on bias when using AI.

The text discusses the challenges for the legal presentation of AI data and interpretation and offers solutions to this problem while addressing broader practical and emerging issues in a growing area of interest in forensics. It builds on key developing areas of focus in academic and government research, providing an authoritative and well-researched perspective.

Compiled by two highly qualified editors with significant experience in the field, and part of the Wiley — AAFS series ‘Forensic Science in Focus’, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Forensic Sciences includes information on:

  • Cyber IoT, fundamentals on AI in forensic science, speaker and facial comparison, and deepfake detection
  • Digital-based evidence creation, 3D and AI, interoperability of standards, and forensic audio and speech analysis
  • Text analysis, video and multimedia analytics, reliability, privacy, network forensics, intelligence operations, argumentation support in court, and case applications
  • Identification of genetic markers, current state and federal legislation with regards to AI, and forensics and fingerprint analysis

Providing comprehensive coverage of the subject, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Forensic Sciences is an essential advanced text for final year undergraduates and master’s students in forensic science, as well as universities teaching forensics (police, IT security, digital science and engineering), forensic product vendors and governmental and cyber security agencies.

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AutorZeno Geradts , Katrin Franke
Data de publicação10/2023

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