Cyber Investigations

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A classroom tested introduction to cyber investigations with real-life examples included

Cyber Investigations provides an introduction to the topic, an overview of the investigation process applied to cyber investigations, a review of legal aspects of cyber investigations, a review of Internet forensics and open-source intelligence, a research-based chapter on anonymization, and a deep-dive in to multimedia forensics. The content is structured in a consistent manner, with an emphasis on accessibility for students of computer science, information security, law enforcement, and military disciplines.

To aid in reader comprehension and seamless assimilation of the material, real-life examples and student exercises are provided throughout, as well as an Educational Guide for both teachers and students. The material has been classroom-tested and is a perfect fit for most learning environments.

Written by a highly experienced author team with backgrounds in law enforcement, academic research, and industry, sample topics covered in Cyber Investigations include:

  • The cyber investigation process, including developing an integrated framework for cyber investigations and principles for the integrated cyber investigation process (ICIP)
  • Cyber investigation law, including reasonable grounds to open a criminal cyber investigation and general conditions for privacy-invasive cyber investigation methods
  • Perspectives of internet and cryptocurrency investigations, including examples like the proxy seller, the scammer, and the disgruntled employee
  • Internet of things (IoT) investigations, including types of events leading to IoT investigations and new forensic challenges in the field
  • Multimedia forensics facilitates the understanding of the role of multimedia in investigations, including how to leverage similarity matching, content-based tracing, and media metadata.
  • Anonymization networks discusses how such networks work, and how they impact investigations? It addresses aspects of tracing, monitoring, evidence acquisition, de-anonymization, and large investigations

Based on research, teaching material, experiences, and student feedback over several years, Cyber Investigations is ideal for all students and professionals in the cybersecurity industry, providing comprehensive subject coverage from faculty, associates, and former students of cyber security and digital forensics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

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Data de publicação11/2022

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