Digital Forensics and Internet of Things: Impact and Challenges

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It pays to be ahead of the criminal, and this book helps organizations and people to create a path to achieve this goal.

The book discusses applications and challenges professionals encounter in the burgeoning field of IoT forensics. IoT forensics attempts to align its workflow to that of any forensics practice—investigators identify, interpret, preserve, analyze and present any relevant data. As with any investigation, a timeline is constructed, and, with the aid of smart devices providing data, investigators might be able to capture much more specific data points than in a traditional crime. However, collecting this data can often be a challenge, as it frequently doesn’t live on the device itself, but rather in the provider’s cloud platform. If you can get the data off the device, you’ll have to employ one of a variety of methods given the diverse nature of IoT devices hardware, software, and firmware. So, while robust and insightful data is available, acquiring it is no small undertaking.

Digital Forensics and Internet of Things encompasses:

  • State-of-the-art research and standards concerning IoT forensics and traditional digital forensics
  • Compares and contrasts IoT forensic techniques with those of traditional digital forensics standards
  • Identifies the driving factors of the slow maturation of IoT forensic standards and possible solutions
  • Applies recommended standards gathered from IoT forensic literature in hands-on experiments to test their effectiveness across multiple IoT devices
  • Provides educated recommendations on developing and establishing IoT forensic standards, research, and areas that merit further study.
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AutorAnita Gehlot , Rajesh Singh , Jaskaran Singh , Neeta Raj Sharma
Data de publicação04/2022

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