Leading Edge Techniques in Forensic Trace Evidence Analysis: More New Trace Analysis Methods

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In Leading Edge Techniques in Forensic Trace Evidence Analysis, distinguished and highly qualified contributors cover the significant advances in methodology and instruments that are now being used to analyze trace evidence in forensic laboratories, including new techniques used to determine authenticity of objects and artifacts (such as Combined Raman/LIBS Microscopy) and those used to analyze surface treatments (such as py-GC-PARCI-MS). The work also covers new evidence types, such as surface-modified fibers, microscopic particles, and shimmer, and provides detailed explanations and practical examples of all of the aforementioned topics.

Among the topics covered are:

  • Forensic analysis of shimmer particles in cosmetics samples, glitter and other flake pigments, and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Surface acoustic wave nebulization mass spectrometry, forensic applications of gas chromatography vacuum ultraviolet, and spectroscopy paired with mass spectrometry
  • Density determination and separation via magneto-Archimedes levitation and elemental imaging of forensic traces with macro and micro XRF
  • Characterization of human head hairs via proteomics and Raman and surface-enriched Raman scattering (SERS) for trace analysis

With detailed explanations of modern methodologies, tools, techniques, and evidence types in trace evidence forensics, along with helpful guidance to put covered concepts into practice, Leading Edge Techniques in Forensic Trace Evidence Analysis serves as an invaluable hands-on reference for scientists in forensic laboratories worldwide.

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AutorRobert D. Blackledge
Data de publicação01/2023

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