The Science of Forensic Entomology, 2nd Edition

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A thoroughly updated introduction to forensic entomology

In the newly revised second edition of The Science of Forensic Entomology, two distinguished entomologists deliver a foundational and practical resource that equips students and professionals to be able to understand and resolve questions concerning the presence of specific insects at crime scenes. Each chapter in the book addresses a topic that delves into the underlying biological principles and concepts relevant to the insect biology that grounds the use of insects in legal and investigational contexts.

In addition to non-traditional topics, including the biology of maggot masses, temperature tolerances of necrophagous insects, chemical attraction and communication, reproductive strategies of necrophagous flies, and archaeoentomology, the book also offers readers:

  • A thorough introduction to the role of forensic science in criminal investigations and the history of forensic entomology
  • Comprehensive discussions of the biology, taxonomy, and natural history of forensically important insects
  • Fulsome treatments of the postmortem decomposition of human remains and vertebrate carrion
  • In-depth introduction to the concepts of accumulated degree days and the use of insect development for estimation of the postmortem interval
  • New chapters dedicated to forensic entomotoxicology, aquatic insects in forensic investigations, microbiomes of forensic insects and carrion, professional standards, and case studies

Perfect for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in forensic entomology, forensic biology, and general forensic science, The Science of Forensic Entomology will also earn a place in the libraries of law enforcement and forensic investigators, as well as researchers in forensic entomology

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AutorDavid B. Rivers, Gregory A. Dahlem
Data de publicação10/2022

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