Principles of Operations Management 11th

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Comprehensive coverage of Operations Management helps students understand how OM affects society and their lives.

·    Updated - All content is contemporary and familiarizes students with current trends and practices in operations management today.

·    New - 46 Author-created Video Cases (5 of which are new to the 13th Edition) help students see what goes on behind the scenes when they attend a concert or major sports event, purchase a bag of Frito-Lay potato chips, buy a meal at an Olive Garden or a Hard Rock Cafe, place an order through, board a cruise on Celebrity Cruises, Inc., enter a hospital for medical care, and more.

·    New - OM in Action boxes help students better see and understand operations in action within a variety of industries.

Integrated tools and resources help solve teaching and learning challenges.

·    New - Learning Objectives outline what students should know after reading the chapter, helping them to take ownership of their learning.

·    New and Updated - Figures and Tables highlight important information on globalization, employment, world trade, product life cycle changes, and more. These exhibits also appeal to visual learners.

·    End-of-Chapter Rapid Reviews capture the essence of the material, helping students study and learn the concepts more effectively. This detailed, yet concise, summary of the main points and equations in the chapter helps students prepare for homework, exams, and lectures. Rapid Reviews also include key chapter terms and a self-test, with questions linked to the learning objectives in the chapter.

·    Author Comments point out why a particular section, figure, or table is important, helping students better understand key information and concepts.

·    An Ethical Dilemma offers broad coverage of ethics as it applies to OM, and can be used for classroom discussion or homework.

·    Jay, Barry, & Chuck’s OM companion blog  contains teaching tips, highlights of OM items in the news (along with class discussion questions and links), video tips, guest posts by instructors using the text, and much more to help instructors teach the OM course.

Prepare students for the workforce by helping them sharpen their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

·    New - Discussion Questions provide opportunities for students to challenge their knowledge and enhance their skills, and can be used to facilitate class discussion or for homework assignments.

·    New - Hundreds of Homework, Quiz, and Exam Problems range from easy to challenging (denoted by one to four dots) and provide students with even more opportunity for extra practice. The approximately 200 new problems found in this edition also give instructors a broad selection of problems to choose from for homework, quizzes, and exams -- without reusing the same set from semester to semester.

o   Updated - For this edition, several HUNDRED new algorithmic problems and concept questions have been added to MyLab Operations Management.

·    New - Videos from recent graduate students feature young professionals talking about their jobs in the sphere of operation management functions and their tips for success. Each is tied to a specific chapter and accompanied by multiple-choice quizzes that may be assigned to students.

·    Problem-solving sof

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