Antibodies for Infectious Diseases

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The connection between antibodies and infectious diseases has spawned entire related fields of study. Antibodies for Infectious Diseases presents perspectives from leading research scientists and summarizes the amazing progress in this area into a single definitive source.

Providing a broad survey of the most important aspects of the field of antibodies for infectious diseases, this book

  • presents general features pertaining to structure, function, isotype, and the role of complement in antibody function
  • examines the role of antibodies in antimicrobial immunity with specific targets
  • details new methods for expression of monoclonal antibodies, in plants or by transfer of antibody genes for in vivo expression in treated subjects

Antibodies for Infectious Diseases is a comprehen...

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AutorJames E. Crowe Jr. , Diana Boraschi , Rino Rappuoli
EditoraAmerican Society Microbiology
Data de publicação2015

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