Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation in Practice, 2nd

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Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation in Practice is a comprehensive, practitioner-focused clinical handbook which provides internationally applicable evidence-based standards of good practice. Edited and written by a multidisciplinary team of experts from the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR), this book is invaluable for practitioners helping people with heart disease return to health. The text provides an overview of research findings, examines the core components of cardiac rehabilitation, and discusses how to support healthier lifestyles and reduce the risks of recurrence.

Now in its second edition, this textbook has been fully revised to incorporate recent clinical evidence and align with current national and international guidelines. Increased emphasis is placed on an integrated approach to cardiac rehabilitation programmes, whilst six specified standards and six core components are presented to promote sustainable health outcomes.

  • Describes how cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation programmes can be delivered to meet standards of good practice
  • Covers a broad range of topics including: promoting health behaviour change to improve lifestyle risk factors, supporting psycho-social health, managing medical risk factors, and how to develop long-term health strategies
  • Emphasises the importance of early programme commencement with assessment and reassessment of patient goals and outcomes, and gives examples of strategies to achieve these
  • Discusses the role of programme audit and certification of meeting minimum standards of practice
  • Looks to the future and how delivery of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation programmes internationally will need to meet common challenges

Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation in Practice is an indispensable resource for all health professionals involved in cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular disease prevention.

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AutorJennifer Jones , John Buckley, Gill Furze , Gail Sheppard
Data de publicação04/2020

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