Good practice and Malpractice in Labor and Delivery

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The birth of a human being is the most common event in any part of the world. Nonetheless, it is amazing how such a natural occurrence can be a source of lawsuits.
Precisely because the theme of birth is universal, “Good practice and malpractice in labor and delivery” includes the Internationals Guidelines involving, in writing and in case collection, internationally recognized names such as the top referral experts for each field.
“Good practice and malpractice in labor and delivery” is an absolute editorial novelty that aims to give practical, clear and useful indications on the management of every single moment - from preparation to postpartum - in order to prevent any legal controversy.
The reader will have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to:
- deal with professional liability in the obstetric field
- immediately recognize illegal practices
- avoid medical-legal disputes as far as possible
- make rapid decisions in a conscious manner on the possible consequences of one’s work.

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