Practical Pediatric Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 3rd

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No other book provides such an expertly detailed, highly practical step-by step guide to performing gastrointestinal endoscopy for the pediatric patient safely and effectively, using both existing and the many new endoscopic techniques that have recently been developed.

List of contributors

Part One: Pediatric Endoscopy Setting

1. Introduction

George Gershman and Mike Thomson

2. The History of Paediatric Endoscopy (please use capitals for important words for all Chapter titles – Mike)

Doug Fishman, Jean-Francois Mougenot and Sami Cadranel

3. The Endoscopy Unit

Harpreet Pall

4. Pediatric Procedural Sedation and General Anaesthesia for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Tom Kalley and Rok Orel

5. Pediatric Endoscopy Training and ongoing assessment

Catherine Walsh, Mike Thomson, Looi Ee and Jenifer Lightdale

6. Recertification and revalidation as concepts in pediatric endoscopy

Priya Narula and Mike Thomson

7. The role of the Global Rating Score in pediatric endoscopy

Priya Narula

8. Quality Indicators as a critical part of pediatric endoscopy provision

Priya Narula and Mike Thomson (please ensure that the authors mentioned here and further on in tracked changes correspond with the Chapter ttitles in the actual proofs – thanks, Mike)

 9. e-learning in pediatric endoscopy

Claudio Romano and Mike Thomson

Part Two: Diagnostic Pediatric Endoscopy

10.  Indications for diagnostic upper GI endoscopy and ileo-colonoscopy

Dalia Belsha, Jerome Viala, George Gershman and Mike Thomson

11. Upper GI endoscopy

George Gershman and Mike Thomson

12. Pediatric ileo-colonoscopy - George Gershman and Mike Thomson  

13. Handling of specimens and orientation of biopsies -Marta Cohen

14. Enteroscopy: double balloon, single balloon and spiral enteroscopy -   

Mike Thomson and Arun Urs

15. Wireless capsule endoscopy - Mike Thomson

16. Endoscopic Ultrasonography - Luigi Dall’Oglio, Andrea Tringali and Paola de Angeles

17. Chromoendoscopy, narrow band imaging, auto-fluorescence and endo-magnification techniques- Paul Hurlstone and Mike Thomson 

18. Confocal endomicroscopy in the diagnosis of pediatric gastrointestinal disorders - Mike Thomson and Krishnappa Venkatesh

19. High risk pediatric endoscopy - Doug Fishman, Jenifer Lightdale and Mike Thomson

Part Three: Pediatric GI pathologies and the role of endoscopy in their management

20. Esophagitis - Mário C. Vieira, Luciana B. Mendez Ribeir and Sabine Krüger Truppel

21. Eosinophilic esophagitis: endoscopy as part of a management strategy - Calies Menard-Katcher, Glenn Furuta, Robert Kramer

22. Gastritis and Gastropathy Shishu Sharma and Mike Thomson

23. Celiac disease - Alina Popp, Vasile Daniel Balaban and Markku Mäki

24. Role of endoscopy in IBD including scoring systems - Salvatore Olivia, David Wilson and Mike Thomson

Part Four: Therapeutic Pediatric Endoscopy    

25. Esophageal strictures - Michael Manfredi, Frederick Gottrand, Luigi Dall’Oglio, Mike Thomson, George Gershman, Antonio Quiros and Tierry Lamireau.

26. Endoscopic management of caustic ingestion -  Erasmo Miele and Samy Cadranel

27. Pneumatic Balloon Dilation and Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) for Achalasia - Valerio Balassone, Mike Thomson and George Gershman

28. Anti-reflux endoscopic approaches -   Chris Fraser and Mike Thomson

29. Foreign Bodies -   Raoul Furlano, George Gershman and Jenifer Lightdale

30. Non-variceal endoscopic hemostasis - Mike Thomson, George Gershman and Jorge H. Vargas

31. Variceal endoscopic hemostasis - Pat McKiernan (extra author here I thought – Lauren Johansen?)

32. The endoscopic approach to occult/obscure GI bleeding lesions. - Natalia Nedelkopoulou, Dalia Belsha, Sara Isoldi and Mike Thomson

33.  Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy -  Natalie Bhesania and Marsha Kay

34. Single stage PEG - Jorge Amil Dias, Prithvi Rao and Arun Urs

35. Laparoscopy-assisted percutaneous trans-cutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy - Mike Thomson, Richard Lindley, Sean Marven and Jonathan Goring

36. Gastrojejunal tube placement - George Gershman

37. Endoscopic retrograde pancreato-cholangiography -   Luigi Dall'Oglio, Paolo De Angelis, Doug Fishman and Victor Fox

38. Pancreatic cysto-gastrostomy and SEMS placement -  Mike Thomson

39. Duodenal webs and stenosis – endoscopic management -  Mike Thomson and Jonathan Goring

40. Polypectomy -  George Gershman, Mike Thomson and Gabor Veres

41. Endomucosal resection - Paul Hurlstone and Mike Thomson

42. Endoscopic management of polyposis syndromes - Thomas Attard, Mike Thomson and Warren Hyer

43. Naso-endoscopy - Sara Koo, Kristina Leinwand, Simon Panter, Joel Friedlander

44. Endoscopic Bariatric approaches - Mike Thomson and Matjaz Homan

45. Over-The-Scope-Clips (OTSC) - Mike Thomson

46. Endoscopy for bezoars Mike Thomson and Andreia Nita

47. Natural Orifice Trans-Endoluminal Surgery (NOTES) - Mike Thomson   

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