The Vertical Dimension in Protesis and Orthognatothodontics

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The Vertical Dimension is essential for a correct occlusal reconstruction and for rehabilitating the whole Stomatognathic System. The book offers a clear path towards the best possible management of the vertical dimension within which functions restoration and esthetic result coincide. The author describes Profs. Slavicek and Satos key concepts in a practical and clear way. These concepts can be applied to all aspects of dental rehabilitation from removable prosthesis to fixed prosthesis, from implant prosthesis to pediatric and adult orthodontics.

1. Transversality of gnathologic principles
2. Analog and digital gnathologic diagnostic flow
3. Facial macro-aesthetics related to the mandibular position
4. Occlusal plane
5. Occlusal concepts
6. Vertical dimension project according to the Vienna School
7. Occlusal mandibular repositioning technique OMRT (Bassetti)
8. The ten key points of the treatment plan
Clinical case studies

Nazzareno Bassetti
High school diploma in Dental Technology (1982), graduated with honors in Dentistry in 1988, from "La Sapienza" University, Rome.
Post-graduate training courses in various branches of Dentistry.
Post-graduate University Course in "Therapy of Masticatory Organ""s Dysfunctions" with Prof. R. Slavicek, S. Sato and N. R. Mehta, 2002.
Master of Science (M.Sc.) at the Donau University in Krems (Austria) in "Therapy of Masticatory Organ""s Dysfunctions" with Prof. R. Slavicek, S. Sato and N. R. Mehta, 2002.
Master Course at the Donau University in Krems (Austria) in Orthodontic Therapy in dysfunctional patients with Prof. S. Sato.
Lecturer for the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID)""s courses.
Acknowledged as national and international teacher of Gnathology, applied from a multidisciplinary perspective.
Private practice in Ascoli Piceno, with a main focus on Orthodontics, Prosthetics, Implantology and Complex Rehabilitations with a multidisciplinary approach.

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AutorNazzareno Bassetti
Data de publicação05/2019

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